Long-term Customer Satisfaction

We often hear our customers remark on how much they enjoy having personal, face-to-face relationships. This is important because customer relationships are the heart and soul of our company’s success.

However, the most compelling reason for in-store sales is overall, long-term customer satisfaction.

The current choices among video technology suggests that a customer should experience the sight and sound first-hand, in a show room designed to give an “at-home” feel.

We want to assist your shopping research by providing the necessary info for making good decisions. That is why Video Only’s ads (featuring a wide selection of low-priced specials on quality brands) are available for download. Our online detailed information about specifications of Samsung, LG, and Sony TV's can make any shopper an expert.

Don’t Be Sorry... Shop Around

Please remember, the reason “Don’t Be Sorry... Shop Around” is our store motto is because we’re confident of our low, competitive prices. Don’t forget to add any shipping cost to ensure accurate price comparisons. We welcome the opportunity to prove why making the decision to “come see for yourself” is the right one.